Vegan French Toast

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  • 2 slices Toast
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 50ml milk of choice
  • vanilla, cinnamon (optional)
  • coconut oil for frying
  • Toppings :
  • maple syrup
  • coconut flakes
  • blueberries, blackberries
  • granola, cookies


  1. Mash banana in a deep plate. Add milk, (vanilla and cinnamon) and stir.
  2. Heat up coconut oil in a pan.
  3. Dip the toasts into the “banana milk” mixture.
  4. Fry for about 3-4 minutes from each side on medium heat until golden brown.
  5. Place your french toasts on a plate and drizzle with maple syrup. Serve with berries, granola, coconut flakes or other toppings as desired and enjoy! 🙂


  1. Avatar
    2. April 2018 / 11:27

    Just have realized this recipe this morning. Incredibly good! I’m going to do this more often because that was very delicious. ❤? And all your recipes looks so yummy! Can’t wait to try another one!

    • Bianca Zapatka 3. April 2018 / 11:01

      Hi Celine,
      I‘m happy to read that you like the recipe!
      French Toast is also one of my favs! Love it so much ❤️
      Best wishes,
      Bianca ?

  2. Avatar
    Heidi Cecilie
    25. July 2018 / 9:42

    I had never tried french toast before making this recipe, and this was amazing! Perfectly sweet and soft. It felt like I was eating pillows 😍 I topped mine with mango, berries and rawnola and it was the best compliment to the bread!

    • Bianca Zapatka 26. July 2018 / 13:19

      Hi Heidi,
      So glad to read that you liked the recipe.
      Thank you for you lovely comment.😊
      Lots of love,
      Bianca ❤️

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