The Best Vegan Banana Bread – Easy Recipe

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the best vegan banana bread - easy, healthy, delicious recipeThe classic vegan banana bread! Are there actually people out there who don‘t like it?
I have always loved it myself. Whether for breakfast, as an afternoon snack or as a simple dessert with some peanut or almond butter on it. It doesn’t matter which time of the day, vegan banana bread is always perfect and it’s one of my favorite sweet and healthy treats.

the best vegan banana bread - easy, healthy, delicious recipethe best vegan banana bread - easy, healthy, delicious recipe

Vegan banana bread is easy and quick to make!

The preparation time is incredibly fast and you only need one bowl. The dough literally comes together in less than around 5 minutes. Then the vegan banana bread only has to bake for over an hour and afterwards just cool. If you bake the bread in the morning, you can already enjoy it by lunch time. But it’s also great for freezing, so you can prepare it in advance and just defrost when needed. Quick toasted up, it tastes like freshly baked gain. To freeze it, I wrap the vegan banana bread simply in baking paper first and then pack it in a freezer bag closed with a clip.

the best vegan banana bread - easy, healthy, delicious recipethe best vegan banana bread - easy, healthy, delicious recipe

You just need a few ingredients!

I baked this vegan banana bread with whole-grain flour and some fine oats. Therefore, it is a bit more compact, because full-grain is heavier than light flour. When you prefer a fluffier bread, I recommend using light flour. Usually, I always prefer spelt, because I like the nutty, healthy taste so much. Wheat has the same baking properties, so it works the same. Of course you can also make a 50/50 mix of the flours / oats. And so that the dough is not too dry and nicely moist, the addition of healthy fat (vegan butter or coconut oil, as well as nuts or nut butter!) is also very important in this recipe. Because that’s crucial for the addition of moisture. If you decide to try out another combination (which works for you), please let me know in the comments below, and I can update the recipe notes.

the best vegan banana bread - easy, healthy, delicious recipethe best vegan banana bread - easy, healthy, delicious recipe

Vegan Banana bread – naturally sweetened!

Thanks to the natural sweetness of bananas, you don‘t need so much extra sweetness. I chose maple syrup, but if you don‘t have maple syrup at home or prefer something different, you can of course also use agave syrup, date syrup or simply organic cane sugar, coconut blossom sugar or plain white sugar. Since everyone likes different sweetness, I recommend trying the dough before baking, if it’s sweet enough for you.

If you tried the recipe, I would appreciate a comment. You are also welcome to post a picture on Instagram and link it to @biancazapatka so that I can see your great creations. ?

the best vegan banana bread - easy, healthy, delicious recipe

The best vegan banana bread

This vegan banana bread is healthy, whole-grain, naturally sweetened and absolutely delicious. It's easy to make and the dough is mixed in only 5 minutes! So it's done very quick and you just need a few ingredients!
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Course: Basics, Breakfast, Dessert, Snack, Snacks
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 26 minutes
Total Time: 31 minutes
Servings: 1 loaf
Author: Bianca Zapatka



  • 2 ripe bananas
  • 120 ml maple syrup (*see recipe notes)
  • 4 tbsp of coconut oil or vegan butter
  • 4 tbsp of plant-based milk
  • 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar
  • 70 g fine oats (*see recipe notes)
  • 170 g whole-grain flour (*see recipe notes)
  • 2 tbsp of walnuts (*see recipe notes)
  • 2 tbsp of cashew nuts (*see recipe notes)
  • tsp baking powder
  • ½ tsp cinnamon
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 25 g chocolate chips (optional)


  • 1 banana
  • maple syrup (to drizzle)
  • chocolate chips (optional)

further ingredients:

  • coconut oil to grease the loaf pan


  • Preheat the oven to 180°C. Grease a 20 cm loaf pan with oil and set aside.
  • Mash the bananas in a large bowl until smooth and mix with all other wet ingredients (plant-based milk, melted coconut oil, maple syrup, apple cider vinegar).
  • Then crush the walnuts and cashew nuts and mix with the other dry ingredients (oats, whole-grain flour, baking powder, cinnamon, salt) in the wet mixture until well combined.
  • Stir in the chocolate chips.
  • Fill the dough into the loaf pan and spread out evenly.
  • Halve the banana, place it on the dough, lightly press and drizzle with some maple syrup.
  • Bake the bread uncovered for 30 minutes. Then reduce the heat to 150°C and bake for another 20 minutes. (If it gets too dark, you can cover with baking paper or tin foil).
  • Allow to cool for approx. 30 minutes and then carefully remove from the loaf pan.
  • Once the bread has cooled, you can garnish it with more chocolate chips if you like.
  • The bread will keep wrapped in the fridge refrigerated for about 3-4 days, or it can be frozen for 4-6 weeks.


  • To sweeten you can also use coconut blossom syrup, date syrup, agave syrup, brown cane sugar or normal white sugar.
  • Instead of oats, you can also use more flour.
  • If you prefer a fluffier bread, I recommend to use a light flour (such as spelt flour) instead of oatmeal and whole-grain flour.
  • The type of nuts can be chosen as desired. You can also use f.ex. sesame seeds or other.


This vegan banana bread is healthy, whole-grain, naturally sweetened and absolutely delicious. It's easy to make and the dough is mixed in only 5 minutes!


  1. Avatar 10. May 2018 / 16:42

    I would love to have a slice of this right now with my afternoon tea Bianca!!! Looks and sounds so scrumptious!

    • Bianca Zapatka 12. May 2018 / 11:52

      Hi Anna,
      Thank you ! Would love to share with you!
      Maybe you‘ll try the recipe one day. ?
      Have a great weekend!
      Much love,
      Bianca ❤️

  2. Avatar 12. May 2018 / 11:28

    Your banana bread looks delicious, Bianca! The pictures are beautiful as well 🙂
    I can’t wait to try it since I’ve never had banana bread before!

    • Bianca Zapatka 12. May 2018 / 11:50

      Hi my dear,
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment. So glad, that you like my pictures. I hope you’ll enjoy the banana bread!
      Have fun trying!
      Much love,
      Bianca ❤️❤️

  3. Avatar
    24. May 2018 / 5:49

    Hi, your banana bread looks amazingly delicious! I am a huge fan of banana bread and am trying new recipes every week!! Never get bored of it ! I am planning to try your recipe this weekend, just wondering if you could tell roughly how much bananas you used in cups or grams measurement? Thank you:)

    • Bianca Zapatka 26. May 2018 / 11:53

      Hi my sweetheart,
      So glad that you like banana bread and that you’ll try my recipe.
      I used two large ripe bananas. It was about 280 g totally.
      Have fun trying the recipe 🙂

  4. Avatar
    18. June 2018 / 13:34

    This recipe seems so delicious.I have only 3 more days until summer holiday and looking forward to trying all of your recipes?.Just need to buy appropriate pan for banana bread?.
    It would really be helpful if you could tell me how did you learn to take these amazing photos with such a good background?
    Much love❤️❤️

  5. Avatar
    Mariya Berezhnova
    22. June 2018 / 3:09

    I made this banana bread and I loved it. It’s easy to make and so so delicious 😍😍
    thank you!! I’ll for sure be trying your other recipes ❤

    • Bianca Zapatka 22. June 2018 / 12:34

      Hi Mariya,
      Thanks for your feedback! So glad that you liked the recipe! 😊
      Much love,
      Bianca ❤️

  6. Avatar
    9. July 2018 / 19:39

    Hi Bianca, I have made your banana bread and it was literally awesome. So delicious and moist. I agree with you. It is the best banana bread ever. Thanks for your beautiful recipes 😘

    • Bianca Zapatka 16. July 2018 / 13:10

      Hi Barbara,
      So glad that you liked my recipe and that you agree with me!😊
      This banana bread is really one of my all time favorites 😍
      Much love,
      Bianca ❤️

  7. Avatar
    Heidi Cecilie
    22. July 2018 / 22:09

    This was the first recipe I ever tried from your blog and I already am so ready to try some more! I absolutely loved the flavour of this banana bread 🙌🏻 It has the perfect amount of sweetness and the texture is so fluffy and it just melts in your mouth when you eat it. Thank you so much for the recipe, it’s now added into my favourites 😍

    • Bianca Zapatka 23. July 2018 / 18:43

      Hi sweetie,
      So glad to read that you liked my banana bread recipe so much! 😊
      Thank you for your lovely feedback!
      Much love,
      Bianca ❤️

  8. Avatar 24. July 2018 / 10:44

    Yummy recipe! This is very interesting as I have never heard of it before so after reading your post I am very curious to make it for my family so that they can enjoy this tasty banana bread. Keep sharing such unique recipe ideas.

    • Bianca Zapatka 26. July 2018 / 13:13

      Hi 😊
      This recipe is really one of my favorites. I hope you‘ll like it, too!
      Have fun trying!
      Lots of love,
      Bianca ❤️

  9. Avatar
    2. August 2018 / 17:51

    This was definitely the best banana bread I’ve tried! Since I’m celiac, I used grounded almonds instead of oats! It’s so yummy and the consistency is perfect!! Recommend it!

    • Bianca Zapatka 3. August 2018 / 12:29

      Hi Rachel,
      So glad that you liked the recipe!😊
      Thank you very much for your lovely comment.
      Lots of love,
      Bianca ❤️

  10. Avatar
    27. August 2018 / 20:49

    This budget-friendly banana bread is certainly one of the most delicious I’ve ever tasted : the nutty and chocolatey flavours and the moist texture have a lot to do with it !
    I could eat it for breakfast, snack or dessert… A great taste experience !

    • Bianca Zapatka 27. August 2018 / 22:48

      Hi Elias,
      So glad that you like the recipe! It’s really one of my favorites. So easy to make and always perfect.👌🏻
      Thank you for your kind feedback.😊
      Lots of love,
      Bianca ❤️

  11. Avatar
    30. October 2018 / 5:32

    Hi Bianca! Made this banana bread this afternoon and I love it! Easy and delicious! 😍 Perfect to eat with my tea.

    • Bianca Zapatka 30. October 2018 / 12:38

      Hi Joana,
      I’m so happy that you liked the recipe!😊
      Thank you for your comment.
      Lots of love,
      Bianca ❤️❤️

  12. Avatar
    Celia Rose
    8. February 2019 / 21:40

    I’ve made this recipe 5 or 6 times and it always turns out so delicious!

    • Bianca Zapatka 9. February 2019 / 11:46

      So glad that you like this recipe so much! Thank you! 😊❤️

  13. Avatar
    10. February 2019 / 10:49

    OMG this is truly the BEST recipe I tested so far! I never managed to get my banana bread fluffy, so I added Aquafaba for the first time. So, whether this worked magic or it’s just your amazing receipe – this banana bread is simply heaven 😍 thank you so much for sharing ❤️

    • Bianca Zapatka 10. February 2019 / 19:56

      So glad to read that you liked it! 🙂
      Thank you so much! <3

  14. Avatar
    16. February 2019 / 18:52

    I’m about to try this recipe tonight!! I’m a big fan of you and your incredible cakes on Instagram 😍
    I tried yesterday a banana bread in some café and now I was looking for a recipe by you of banana bread and I’m so happy I found it!!
    I’m just curious about the apple cider vinegar, what is it bringing to the cake?
    I’m looking forward to try it!!
    Thank you for sharing the recipe!!

    • Bianca Zapatka 16. February 2019 / 20:19

      So nice to read this! Thank you so much!:)
      The apple cider vinegar helps the baking powder to react, making it a little “fluffier”.
      Have fun trying!
      Lots of love,
      Bianca <3

      • Avatar
        18. February 2019 / 23:11

        So I finally did this recipe today and I have no words, it’s just so delicious!!
        When I was putting the maple syrup I was scared that it would be too sugar loaded but finally when I tasted the batter it was perfect, and so is the cake!
        I didn’t have walnuts so I put just 4 tbsp of cashew nuts, and it’s still very good!!
        As I said, I tried it in some cafe but here is even better 😍 so thank you very very much for your recipe!!
        Looking forward to try other recipes from you!!
        Lots of kisses!!

        PS: My brother thought I bought it in a shop 😂😂 he was so surprised to know that I made it! 😂

        • Bianca Zapatka 19. February 2019 / 19:49

          So glad that you and your brother liked this Banana bread! So funny, haha! Thank you! 🙂
          Lots of love,

  15. Avatar
    25. February 2019 / 22:42

    Thank you very much for this easy and tasty recipe! So DELICIOUS.

    • Bianca Zapatka 26. February 2019 / 18:45

      So glad that you liked it 😊
      Thank you ❤️

  16. Avatar
    4. April 2019 / 9:39

    This looks lovely 😍will definitely use this recipe. I thought that was blueberries in this bread, only after reading the recipe I saw it’s chocolate chips 😂 I would really like to make a banana bread with blueberries. To you think I can just use this recipe with a cup of blueberries covered in cornflour?

    • Bianca Zapatka 4. April 2019 / 23:47

      Haha, so funny! 😀 Yes, sure you can fold in blueberries tossed with cornflour! I’m sure it’ll taste amazing! <3

  17. Avatar
    30. April 2019 / 19:04

    The best, it is so moist and full of flavour.
    I love it so much i make it almost every week 🥰

    • Bianca Zapatka 1. May 2019 / 20:08

      So glad that you liked it!
      Thank you!
      Lots of love,
      Bianca <3

  18. Avatar
    22. May 2019 / 17:50

    Hello !

    For those who do not know if yes or no this recipe is THE BEST vegan Banana bread, I will help you : YES IT IS !

    I sincerely believe walnut + banana would be strange, but not at all !

    Taste really good 🙂

    I do not put cashew and oat, so I put more flour and walnuts 🙂

    This recipe is now writen in my Recipe Book 🙂

    THX Bianca 🙂

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