Garlic Mushroom and Spinach Pizza (vegan)

This cheesy vegan garlic mushroom and spinach pizza is perfect when you want a quick dinner that’s not only delicious, but also healthy! This recipe is simple, and it’s the best pizza you will ever have!

Vegan Empanadas with Spinach

These vegan dumplings are the perfect finger food snacks, hot or cold they’re delicious. They’re filled with garlic spinach but you can add anything you like! They can be prepared with gluten-free corn flour or regular wheat/ spelt flour.

Vegan dumplings stuffed with spinach and cashew ricotta

Today I have a recipe for you, which is perfect for a brunch, a party, as a gift for a birthday or just to snack in between! ? Namely vegan dumplings with spinach and…

The Best Pizza Dough

Pizzzaaaa! I think there’s hardly anyone who does not like pizza, right ?! ? Especially if it’s homemade, pizza tastes best! And if the dough is also really nice thick and fluffy (“American Style”),…

Avocado Toast with Garlic Mushrooms

Are you looking for a simple, tasty and healthy snack for in between, for breakfast, lunch or dinner? How about a crispy toast with creamy guacamole and freshly-fried garlic mushrooms. I promise you that…

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Crispy baked Smashed Potatoes

Hey everyone, ? Potatoes are probably the most consumed side dish of the German, aren’t they? I mean, there‘s hardly no healthier and nutrient-rich carbohydrate source, like the good old potato. And you don‘t…

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