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Heavenly recipes from around the world

Fancy a culinary trip around the world through vegan paradise? In my new book I present many delicious plant-based recipes from my  favourite paradises around the world – Asian, American, Mediterranean, Oriental, Caribbean and home cooking classics. So there is something for everyone who wants to bring paradise home.

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Vegan Cakeporn: 70 fantastic recipes for cakes, tarts and sweet delicacies

Baking without eggs, butter and milk – is that even possible? Yes! The 70 recipes for cakes, tarts, pies and all kinds of little delicacies like cupcakes and brownies in this book are proof: vegan baking is extremely versatile and incredibly delicious. Success blogger Bianca Zapatka shares her absolute favourite recipes from simple sponge cakes to vegan cheesecakes and dreamy cakes with lots of fresh fruit to handy muffins, mini cupcakes and biscuits. Helpful tips for successful vegan baking, interesting facts about vegetable egg and milk substitutes including conversion tables for different baking tins and sizes provide the perfect basis for all hobby bakers, beginners and fans of vegan cuisine!

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Vegan Soulfood – 100 wonderful dishes that make you happy.

Countless people copy my recipes every day. With my creative ideas, I show that vegan cuisine is anything but boring. Vegan Soulfood is full of dishes for the heart and soul: delicious pasta dishes, creamy curries, warming soups for cold winter days, great cakes and pies as well as numerous snacks that make you happy and are guaranteed to impress everyone. Vegan feasting has never been so easy and, above all, delicious! A fantastic cookbook for fans of vegan cuisine and all those who want to become one!

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Vegan Foodporn: 100 Easy & Delicious Recipes

Wow, that’s vegan?! is the most common response to the photos posted by me. My recipes are completely plant-based and anything but boring. My creations are a feast for the eyes and taste so good that they appeal to vegans and meat-eaters alike. Whether it’s vanilla pancakes with blueberry cream and white chocolate, burrito samosas with guacamole, tortellini with almond ricotta or chocolate peanut butter cake in her extraordinary recipe book, I reveal my 100 favourite dishes and shows how much fun vegan cooking can be. With step-by-step pictures and practical tips and tricks, it’s easy to follow the recipes and create your very own foodporn!

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Vegan & Easy: 70 Amazingly Simple and Delicious Recipes

In my new recipe book, I show you quick and easy ways to make fantastic vegan dishes that taste amazing and look great too. How about a creamy tomato soup with vegan cheese toasties, crunchy granola tartlets, a chocolate mousse torte or zucchini and chickpea burgers? One thing is for sure, this book has something for everyone! With 70 new recipes, I show just how diverse vegan food can be, with a range of speedy makes and bakes that anyone can do. Plenty of step-by-step images and helpful tips make the recipes simple to follow at home. Never before has vegan cooking been so easy!

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